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Amy Osness

professional-photography-1Even at an early age, Amy Osness knew she had a wandering spirit. She loved to explore the Mojave Desert, the Colorado Plateau, the Great Basin … all the natural wonders that surround her hometown of St. George, Utah. The desire for adventure and passion for nature stayed with Amy into adulthood, prompting her to pursue photography as an expressive art form.

“Many times I would share stories of my adventures with family and friends, but words weren’t enough to describe my experiences,” explains Amy. “I wanted to enhance my stories … to visually encapsulate what I feel during these very special moments; an extraordinary affinity with this rugged, wild earth.

“The play of light filtering into narrow crevices of the twisting slot canyons and the shadows cast across the desert floor by high-rising cliffs,” Amy continues, “Nature speaks to me, and photography is a way I can share the magnificence of my surroundings with others.”

The moments captured by Amy’s camera are far removed from the “point and click” variety. She often spends hours and even days scouting out possible photo shoot locations, studying the landscape to know, for instance, when and where the sun will rise and set.
Once she decides on a perfect site and time, the real work begins.

“Often when I set off down a trail … on foot … it’s pitch, black darkness,” Amy says. “I have to allow time to get to my destination, carrying thirty pounds’ worth of camera gear, plus I have to give myself time to get everything set up just right so that I’m exactly where and when I need to be to create the photo I imagine. It takes a certain mastery, a level of patience and unstoppable passion to create imagery powerful enough to stir others’ minds and emotions.”

Amy doesn’t limit herself to daytime photography. Her astrophotography works, photography involving astronomical objects and events, are some of her most jaw dropping. “There is something very special about sitting under the stars in the stillness of night shooting the Milky Way,” Amy smiles. “Most people don’t get a chance to experience that kind of encounter with nature, so I especially love sharing my night-time photos.”

Amy finds that even when she’s not actively involved with a photo project, she thinks in terms of photography. “It’s when I’m doing something like working in my garden or racing my mountain bike down a single track that I come up with most of my creative ideas and inspiration. I’m always thinking about photography.”

View Amy’s gallery of available prints or contact her for custom photography. Amy also applies her same sense of style to family portraits and real estate properties. She currently lives in Leeds, Utah with her husband and a son who is attending college.

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Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.


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