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Portrait Photography

When you love someone, you easily excuse the negatives and focus almost entirely on the positives. That’s because you’re unconsciously looking through the lens of love and Amy Osness can capture what you see when you look at those you love.

“It’s almost like bottling magic,” laughs Amy. “As I look through my camera’s lens, I have to be ready because sometimes it only lasts a couple of seconds, but during every photo shoot, I’m always able to find the magic that captures the spirit of my subject whether it’s a couple commemorating their fiftieth wedding anniversary, a family gathered for a holiday portrait or senior who is graduating from college.”

Amy’s favorite part of the portrait process is when her clients look at their proofs to make a choice on which photos to print. “They always have a hard time deciding which photos they like best – which is a good thing, of course,” explains Amy. “But at some point, almost without fail, someone will say, ‘Oh! I love this shot! I didn’t even know you took this one!’

That’s the photo that captures the spirit of the moment,” she says. “That’s when I bottle magic.”

Although a lot of preparation goes into setting up for a portrait – the right lighting, the perfect background, etc. – Amy says that within the formal shooting, it’s the candid shots that people like best.

“Once I had a family positioned in a rocky area next to a stream. Between shots, the little boy breaks away from his family and jumps into a puddle. That’s the shot I’m looking for,” Amy smiles. “Or there was one time where I was taking a family portrait and the beautiful fall leaves made such a dramatic background. Out of the blue, they start throwing the leaves all around … everybody is laughing … no one is even looking at the camera. That was the shot of the day.”

Amy loves to hear from families who are vacationing in the area and want to have a professional photographer document their time together. “You so often see professional photos of families on a beach … they’re beautiful. But why not do the same thing on a hiking vacation or at a picnic in the forest?” she asks. “True, that kind of shoot is a little more challenging for me, getting the equipment to the site and all … but the photos are completely worth it!”

View Amy’s gallery to see examples of her portrait photography and to look at her pricing. Contact her to discuss your portrait ideas and to schedule a photo shoot. Amy also applies her same sense of style to real estate photography and landscape and wildlife photos. She currently lives in Leeds, Utah with her husband and a son who is attending college.

It’s almost like bottling magic“As I look through my camera’s lens, I have to be ready because sometimes it only lasts a couple of seconds, but during every photo shoot, I’m always able to find the magic.”

Amy Osness
Nature’s Eye Photography

Family and individual portraits by Amy Osness are more than what she sees through her camera lens; she also captures the spirit of the moment by:

  • Creating a comfortable, easy-going atmosphere
  • Engaging everyone in the portrait … even the family member who doesn’t want to be there
  • Uses creative group placement to catch unique family dynamics
  • Allowing participants to be themselves for wonderful, candid shots

Amy has a special talent when it comes to non-traditional photo shoots. She’ll work with you to find the perfect “theme” for your photos – like:

  • Eating ice cream or watermelons together
  • Playing together on a jungle-gym or a swing set
  • Throwing snowballs at each other or jumping into fall leaves
  • Hiking a trail or enjoying a picnic

Plus she often incorporates special props like sports equipment, a classic car, bunches of wildflowers or funny hats!

Family Portrait Session

Family Portrait

  • Immediate Family up to 8 people
  • Additional $15 per extra person or pet
  • 1 hour session time at location of your choice within Washington County
  • Digital download of all edited images (minimum 30)
Senior Portrait Session

Senior Portrait

  • Perfect for those graduating seniors
  • This session looks to really show off your personality, accomplishments and activities
  • 1.5 hour session time at 1-2 locations of your choice within Washington County
  • There is time for multiple outfit and prop changes
  • Digital download of all edited images (minimum 30)
Mini Portrait Session

Mini Portrait

  • 30 minute session at location of your choice with in Washington County
  • Digital download of 10 edited images
  • All session fees are payable at time of booking to reserve your day and time
  • Fees are not refundable but can be re-booked for another date should conflicts arise with 24 hour notice
  • Digital Images are fully edited, print ready and given to you via download or USB drive
  • I retain the copyright to the image and you are granted a license to print and post these images where ever you choose
  • Remember that not all prints are created equal, My preferred print shop is Print It on Main Street in St. George

Outside Washington County
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Additional Charges

Cedar City Area – $75
Pine Valley Area – $75
Duck Creek/Brian Head – $125
Mesquite – $75
Las Vegas – $150

Contact me for additional areas

It’s one thing to make a picture of what a person looks like, it’s another thing to make a portrait of who they are.


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